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As i sit here every night
Everybodys sleeping
All my friends are dreaming
Yet i just sit here weeping
Over what i have lost

I cannot sleep at night
For the fear ill hear your voice
It echoes in my head and in my dreams
Catching me by surprise in the land of sleep

As i lay here wondering what might of been
Your out there living your life
And speaking lies about me
I'd like to know what you get out of it
I really want to know
As i sit here wondering
You sit there writing your prose

So ill sit here crying
My tears hitting the paper in a form of words
Ill lament one last time in this poem
As i wipe the tears onto the page
Ill learn to move on
Wisdom will come with age

Maybe ill finally move on
Into her arms, Where i belong
I hope she reads this, knowing every letter is for her, As i wipe them off onto the page and finally move on :)
i kinda cried for a minute there...
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October 18, 2010
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